Sunday, April 1, 2012

Install SQL Server 2012 Book online on local disk

After installing the SQL Server 2012 on my laptop, I found there is only online document available, no local book online document found...........I thought I might not select the local help document during installation, but by researching, it is the new feature of SQL Server 2012..........I don't know what sql server develop team thought, but I still like the local book online, it is faster, and not depends on the internet.

if you want to have the local book online just like SQL Server 2008,  you can configure it by the steps below.

1. download book online local version from, save SQLServer2012Documentation.exe on local disk
2. run SQLServer2012Documentation.exe and unzip the documents on temp folder, let's say c:\temp
3. open "Manage Help Settings"
4. Select "Install Component from Disk"

4. Select the temp file where you unzip the document in step2

5. Click Add next to the documentation you want to install. Click "update"
6. return to the first page, click "Choose online or local help"

7. Click " I want to use local help"

Now, enjoy the local fast help document !

I am still wondering why Microsoft made this change?  before SQL2012, the help document is setup with the product, even if I want to have a copy on client side, it is very easy to do, just need to download the BOL package and install it directly without any configuration, but now, everything is changed, the new help document method makes the product more difficult to use....customer need to pay more effort to configure.


  1. I hope it is made for detaching BOL from SQL Server 2012 in order to make it standalone feature. Now it is possible to open SQL Server Documentation without dependency of SQL Server 2012. User can open it from following location and from SQL Server 2012 directly by pressing F1 or from Help menu:

    All Programs
    --> Microsoft SQL Server 2012
    --> Documentation & Community
    --> SQL Server Documentation

    1. Hi Bhudev,
      Thanks for your comments, you may be correct. However, before sql 2012, we can still install a standalone BOL by . I think MS may want to uniform all of product's BOL by the new help system.


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  3. that was very helpfull thank you!

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